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Submission Deadline: Aug 25, 2014
Acceptance notification starting August 29, 2014 through early September

Call for Short Position Papers on Big Data and Analytics for

2nd Big Data and Analytics Education Conference, Las Vegas, October 25-26, 2014

Big data and analytic capabilities continue to increase in importance to organizations worldwide. The explosion of information, or big data, provides greater potential to unlock insights for scientists and businesses and government and more. The major challenges arise from having to: analyze growing amounts of data, leverage the data as a core business asset, and manage the data through its lifecycle while ensuring security and privacy as well as compliance with government regulations.

This unprecedented growth in the importance of data and the output of analytics has created a situation where the demand for relevant skills is outpacing the ability of most educational institutions to keep up. Making the most of big data and analytics requires a comprehensive approach that spans literacy needs across different disciplines and specialized career paths including:

  • Business Strategy and management

  • Data Science

  • Business Analytics

  • Data Strategy and Architecture

  • Data Policy (including governance and ethics considerations)

  • Informatics for every professional field

  • Data Engineering

  • Chief Data Officers

  • Big Data Development

  • Cybersecurity (an essential consideration given the potential of big data)

  • Visual Analytics

  • C-Suite Roles

Given the broad reach of big data and analytics, the need for skills training encompasses basic understanding that begins in K-12, deepens during baccalaureate and post-graduate education, and continues through ongoing education during ones’ professional career.

In order to explore the challenges related to delivering big data and analytics education, IBM is sponsoring the Big Data and Analytics Educational Conference (BDA EdCon), which will take place prior to the start of the IBM Insight 2014 Conference ( BDA EdCon will be held on Saturday, and Sunday, October 25-26, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The conference precedes the IBM Insight 2014 conference, which runs from October 26-30, 2014. We strongly encourage you to allow time to attend this event following BDA EdCon!

BDA EdCon 2014 solicits position papers focused on development of and experience with educational programs designed to develop skills in all areas of Big Data and Analytics. Programs can be K-12, undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate and can focus on education and/or training. Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Experience with teaching introductory BDA concepts at college or university;

  • Experience with developing degree and certificate programs in BDA. (What are the required knowledge & skills? What strategies are used for defining and developing new programs?);

  • Lessons learned creating programs for BDA or teaching BDA to all levels;

  • What challenges are being faced in building advanced courses around decision analytics, modeling, algorithms, machine learning, and visual analytics? What other advanced topics need curriculum development?

  • What does it mean to be a data scientist? Should data science be a formal profession like an attorney, medical doctor, or professional engineer?

  • Should all students be trained in appropriate ethics for handling data and resulting analytics?

  • Should all students be introduced to the fundamentals of analytics and to what extent is it necessary to meet the needs for very high numbers of analytics literate employees as customers of data scientists?

  • How should using data as a business strategy and source of innovation be addressed?

  • How is the need to train data policy professionals such as data curators and stewards, data security and privacy professionals, data quality, master data management for example being addressed?

  • How should information systems, computer science, industrial engineering programs adapt to the world of big data analytics?

  • How are big data and analytics impacting the professional fields, such as accountancy, law, medicine, medicine, education, etc? How should it be addressed within curricula?

  • Novel approaches to teaching big data and analytics concepts;

  • Empirical evaluations of big data and/or analytics skills, training, education or needs analysis;

  • Teaching big data & analytics through massive online open curriculum;

  • The need for and delivery strategies of ongoing professional development;

  • Experience with teaching Big Data and Analytics in the K-12 system;

  • The use of specific software for teaching BDA.

  • How to address ‘train the trainer’ skill gaps at all levels?

Submissions must not have been previously published or be currently under consideration for publication elsewhere. These will be position papers and should not, in general, exceed 4 pages. All accepted papers will be published as online proceedings and receive a presentation slot.

Additionally, authors of selected papers will be invited to give a longer presentation of their materials. Based on the papers submitted, the committee is prepared to select certain submissions and invite the authors to submit extended papers as chapters of a book to be published after the completion of BDA EdCon.



Submission: Aug 25, 2014

Acceptance notification starting August 29, 2014 through early September

Ayse Bener, PhD
Data Science Lab
Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Ryerson University


Richard Self, BA LLM MBCS
Senior Lecturer in Analytics and Governance
The School of Computing and Maths,
University of Derby