The Big Data & Analytics Education Conference

Big Data and Analytics EdCon brings educators together with industry to discuss how to address and close the skills gap with programs for undergraduates, graduate students, working professionals, and current and future executives.The data driven organization considers data a corporate asset, that when infused into their strategy and execution becomes a fundamental differentiator. Taking full advantage of data and analytics requires teams with the skills that can handle all 5 of the data and analytics fundamentals:

  1.         Data leverage – finding new ways to use existing data assets
  2.         Data enrichment – augment data by combining internal and external data
  3.         Data monetization – find new avenues of earnings and revenue
  4.         Data protection – protect data as an asset and prevent high risk of failure
  5.         Data upkeep – manage the health of data under governance

Data and analytics are pervasive across all 5 building blocks of the data driven enterprise which requires strong teams with the talent and skills to fully leverage them.  Demand for these skills has grown furiously, at rates far outpacing development of the needed skills at both the university and professional levels.

Hot Topics

  • How is open data / open science being leveraged in your curricula?
  • How is your school addressing the emerging role of data engineer?
  • How can data & analytics literacy be infused across all curricula? [ no graduate left behind ]

Data Science Venn Diagram